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Orbitall Ace is an emerging trading and procurement company, specialising in agricultural commodities and biomass that aims to provide quality service globally. Being the new kid on the block, we have placed great emphasis on securing reliable and well-established suppliers in order to fully cater to the needs of our future customers. We have taken the liberty to strictly associate ourselves with industry professionals that have countless years of experience in the commodities industry in order to maximise customer satisfaction.


We possess the knowledge and channels to successfully handle your procurement needs. Orbitall Ace is registered in Shah Alam, Malaysia and we look to service your inquiries in the shortest time possible.



The business world is an unrelenting entity where obtaining correct, relevant information in the shortest time possible is paramount for success. We strive to handle and process your inquiries with maximum efficiency in order to give your organization the competitive edge. 

Rest assured that when a query has been directed to us, our correspondence team will personally ensure that your doubts are clarified and answered promptly.


At Orbitall Ace, we understand that customers would have requests that may vary based on a myriad of reasons. That is why we have tailor-made agreements with multiple plantations and distributors in order to best cater to our customer's individual needs. From providing specific packing options to securing logistical efficiency, we have the solution for all your procurement needs. 


Nobody wants to open up their wallets, commit to purchasing something, only to find out that the same could be obtained from across the road at half the price. We execute price surveys and constantly monitor the current market structure in order to ensure that our customers avoid doing just that. 


Our ability to correctly service customer inquiries at the right time and at the right price not only saves them ample time but also relieves them of unnecessary stress. Think of us as your complementary cheat sheet.


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